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Original works

How I met my dead husband
By Lansy Feng

How I Met My Dead Husband is a highly reviewed one-woman cabaret created by Lansy in 2018 and is performed at The Butterfly Club and Gasworks Arts Park as part of Melbourne Fringe Festival. The same work was later redeveloped with Wit Incorporated in 2019 for Maribyrnong and Brimbank audiences at the Bluestone Church Arts Space and The Bowery Theatre to community and critical acclaim. The work tells the reincarnating love story of Chuen Jiao falling in love with her soulmate Yueh across four lives. Told in three languages – English, Mandarin and French – the work includes two original songs as well as numerous diverse covers.

Video extracts of How I Met My Dead Husband (2019)

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“Four lifetimes and three cultures collide in this hilarious yet heart-felt cabaret comedy … This sassy, cheeky, talented hero is well-worth the trip to Footscray. She might even teach you a thing or two about love.”
– Sophia Dickinson, Stage Whispers

“How I Met My Dead Husband is a fun musical play, which explores the idea of love over multiple lifetimes and languages. Performed by the talented Lansey Feng, it was well put together and clever in its approach – funny and enjoyable to watch … having a play that spreads three languages is something that really should catch on.”
– Aidan Johnson, The Independent Arts Journal

“A love story spanning lifetimes, How I Met My Dead Husband is as funny as it is heartbreaking. Lansy Feng brings her soul to the stage in this surprising tale of star crossed lovers … Despite the great sorrow and tragedy underlying the ideas of How I Met My Dead Husband, Feng has a wry sense of humour and a wonderful comic timing which fill the hour full of hilariously unexpected perspectives … A stunning combination of surreal beauty and earthy reality, How I Met My Dead Husband is a top rate cabaret and shouldn't be missed.”
– Samsara Dickson, What Does She Think?

“As Feng weaves her love story across centuries and continents, she sings beautifully in a mix of Mandarin, French and English … The story feels at once completely original and like a timeless fable. It pays homage to the heightened romance of Taiwanese drama, but it’s also more than a love story – Chuen-Jiau needs to learn to love herself before expecting a man to do the same.”
– Jesse Paris-Jourdan, Beat Mag

“A love story that transcends time and lives, woven via song and witty dialogue, How I Met My Dead Husband is a beautiful story … bring your imagination and be swept away by Chuen-Jiau’s captivating story. Her messages within will stay with you.”
– Tay Around Town


Of Course I Speak French
by Lansy Feng

 Of Course I Speak French is a short film created by Lansy in 2020 during lockdown. It was awarded the Judge’s choice award at the Cinespace Inc. 123 short film competition, made finalist and semi-finalist in several international awards including Independent Shorts Award in Los Angeles, New York Cinematography Awards, Couch Film Festival in Toronto, JellyFEST season 6 and has been officially selected in the San Diego International Mobile Film Festival and the Flickfair film festival in Los Angeles.

Short Film- Of Course I Speak French (2020)


by Lansy Feng

‘Dear Mama' is a new work of theatre that explores the experience, excitement and tension of discovering new cultures in a new country. Set in contemporary Melbourne, this cross-cultural love story slash comedy of errors follows the story of Taiwanese transplant Li-Ting as she rejects the future her mother has planned out, follows her heart to Australia, finds a new community, and toes a complex balance between her traditional Taiwanese family and the different morals and culture of her new home. It's a wild ride complete with a big sharehouse full of new mates, new loves, VB, BBQs, karaoke, jilted lovers, Britney Spears and more.

Trailer 1: The making process

Trailer 2


“The show caters to diverse audiences through language, casting, relaxed and AUSLAN interpreted performances at local community venues, which is a great achievement and requires lots of work behind the scenes."
– Weekend Notes

“Directed by Ellen O'Connor and Assistant Director Emma Drysdale there are fantastic moments in this play including a Brittany Spears dance-off and a solo acoustic rendition of Bachelor Girl's Buses and Trains by Ash (Meg Farrough)."
– Weekend Notes


The developement playread concert season

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